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Click Tracking

Google’s Campaign URL Builder Review

Google Campaign URL Builder plays a pivotal role in digital marketing strategies, allowing businesses to track the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns with precision. This tool empowers marketers to create customized tracking URLs, also known as UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters, which are appended to the end of regular web URLs. These parameters serve as data beacons, providing invaluable insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and the overall performance...
Click Tracking

What is a Retargeting Link?

Looking to leverage retargeting links to stay top-of-mind among your prospects and customers? Retargeting is a strategy that involves showing your ads to individuals who have previously interacted with your content, website, or other digital assets. Retargeting links, in particular, are unique URLs that help companies track these interactions and ‘re-engage’ these users with more targeted and relevant content. They are an indispensable component of a comprehensive marketing funnel, serving...
Click Tracking

Business Email and Branded Links – 5 Key Reasons Your Brand Needs Them

  Branded business email addresses are used by every company and professional. We almost take it for granted that every company has one, and if they don’t – well it doesn’t make a good first impression! In this article, we’re going to look at why having a branded business email address is essential in the professional world, and why that means branded links are too! If you’re contacted by someone...

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Link Management

Essential Questions IT and Security Professionals Should Ask about Link Management

Links are the lifeblood of digital experiences, enabling content to flow between organizations and their customers, users, and employees. IT and security professionals are becoming increasingly aware of the role link management platforms can play as a core strategy to help their organizations manage their links securely to decrease risk and increase security.  In this article, we share 11 essential questions that you should be asking about the risk level...
Link Management

How to Determine if Your LinkedIn Links Are a Security Risk

As a hub for career advancement and business development, LinkedIn is filled with potential opportunities, but it’s also speckled with potential security risks. These risks come in many forms, but one of the most overlooked is the humble hyperlink. Identifying whether your LinkedIn links pose a security risk is not just about protecting your customers’ personal information. It’s also about safeguarding your business reputation and maintaining the trust of your...
Link Management

How to Determine if Your Facebook Links Are a Security Risk

Businesses rely heavily on online presence and social media to connect with their audience, and the security of their online assets has become paramount. Facebook, as one of the leading social media platforms, is a valuable tool for companies to engage with their customers and promote their brand. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and it’s crucial for businesses to assess whether their Facebook links pose a security risk. ...

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Marketing Compliance

How to Determine if Your Social Media Links Are a Security Risk

As businesses or social media influencers share content, it’s important to ensure that shared links aren’t jeopardizing their audience.  Determining the safety of social media links isn’t just good practice; it’s an essential part of maintaining a brand’s trust and reputation.  Every shared link on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram serves as a gateway, but it’s critical to ensure that this pathway is free from threats and vulnerabilities. According...
Marketing Compliance

How to Determine If Your Links Are a Security Risk

Understanding how to determine if your links pose a security risk is paramount to safeguarding your online presence and data integrity.  Sharing a link is more than just connecting two points; it’s about ensuring that the journey between those points is secure, reliable, and trustworthy for all involved.  Without the proper attention, URLs can harbor hidden dangers, ranging from phishing scams and malware to identity theft and data breaches. Link...
Marketing Compliance

How to Determine if Your SMS Links Are a Security Risk

SMS (Short Message Service) remains a widely used tool for sending short, concise messages. However, the convenience of SMS comes with a caveat. They pose potential security risks associated with the links embedded within these messages. As cyber threats continue to evolve, it’s essential for individuals, businesses, and organizations to be vigilant in identifying and mitigating these risks. Determining if your SMS links are a security risk requires a multifaceted...

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