The most advanced features available on the market


Link management

Fast RedirectsRoute users from the branded links to the destination URLs

Editable destination URLsUpdate the destination URL of branded links at any time

Custom URL slugsCustomize the word that comes after the slash with a relevant keyword of your choosing Parameter forwarding- change to Automatically forward parameters to the destination URL by appending them to your branded links

Link searchFind specific branded links using the dashboard search tool

QR codesGenerate and download vectorial QR codes from your branded links

Link tagsTag your links and organize them in your Rebrandly dashboards

Branded link exportExport all your branded links in a CSV file

Link expirationDecide when a link will be automatically deleted by the system

UTM presetsSave preset templates for UTMs and save time when creating branded links

Bulk link creation/editCreate, import or edit branded links in bulk

High volume linksAccess dedicated API endpoints to create high quantities of links at very fast speeds. Set links to auto-expire and benefit from a specific pricing model


Traffic routing

301 SEO redirectCreate branded links that are optimized for search engines

Parameter forwardingAutomatically forward parameters to the destination URL by appending them to branded links no additional cost

Open graph controlControl how to present content on social media when someone shares your branded links Single-sign-on change to Single sign on (No dashes) change tooltip to Speed up the sign on and login of multiple users- ideal for large organizations

Link retargetingFire retargeting pixels/scripts directly from branded links and add users to retargeting lists. Works with Facebook, AdWords, Twitter, AdRoll, Criteo and more

Mobile deep linkingRedirect users to a specific location in a mobile app

Traffic routingRoute users to specific destination URLs based on their data and behavior like language, location, click patterns and more

Links with emojisExpress emotions by adding emojis to your links



Link analyticsVisualize popular click metrics from audiences like top countries, languages, devices, frequent times and more

UTM builderAdd UTM parameters to destination URLs to get branded link metrics in Google Analytics

GDPR privacyAs a data processor, Rebrandly is fully compliant with GDPR regulations

Private/public reportsDecide whether or not click stats are visible to the public for each link or a group of links

Aggregated reportsVisualize popular click metrics from your audience grouped by tags, domains, workspaces or teammates

Custom report builderCustomize, schedule and send tailored reports based on all of the click data from your audience

Your logo in reportsAdd your company logo to the reports you share

Server to server clickstreamReceive click data in a real-time stream directly from our servers to yours Editable destination URLs- change to URL (not plural) and tooltip Update the destination URL of your branded links at any time


Domain name management

Multiple domain namesSet up, manage and use a variety of relevant branded domain names for your branded links

Https (SSL)Encrypt the traffic from the https branded links with an SSL certificate provided by Rebrandly at no additional cost

Main domain redirectUse custom URLs to serve as a default page for users attempting to visit your branded domain

404 redirect managementUse custom URLs to serve as default pages for users visiting links that are misspelled or no longer exist

Custom SSLApply your own SSL certificates based on specific security requirements



Teammates (extra seats)Connect additional users to create and share branded links as a team

WorkspacesSet up folders where members of the same team can view and manage sets of branded links

Multiple access levelsSet specific access levels for each teammate in the workspace

Two-factor authentication (2FA)Ensure stronger security standards by requiring two-step verification

Single sign-on (SSO)Speed up the sign on and login of multiple users; ideal for large organizations

Activity audit logsEnsure that the most important activities by anyone accessing the platform, like login, link creation, edit and deletion are logged and available to review


Training and support

Knowledge baseAccess all product FAQs, use cases, and updates

Video tutorialsAccess handy video tutorials to learn about specific features

Email supportGet answers to any questions with help from our team around-the-clock via email

Onboarding and link importGet assistance with initial setup and import existing links with help from our expert team

Account managementGet advice from a dedicated account manager who will help you to maximise your return on investment

Direct trainingGet specific training sessions tailored to your team and organization

Dedicated engineer supportGet answers for technical questions, API implementation and integrations from one of our expert engineers

Enterprise tool integrationOur engineers will work with your organization to integrate branded links with the tools you already rely on (CRM, business intelligence, apps and more)